The Armourer - May 2022

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Cover – The Battle of Jutland. Discover the epic naval clash of WWI as over 250 ships slugged it out in the freezing conditions of the North Sea.

On Sale: 01/04/2022

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What's in this Issue?

Cover – The Battle of Jutland. The epic sea battle of WWI with over 250 ships slugging it out in the North Sea. Who were the winners and losers in this clash of the dreadnoughts?

Men Behind the Gun: The Tokarev pistol - How the pistol became the mainstay of the Red Army in WWII.

The Gestapo - Inside the dreaded security service of the National Socialist regime.

Cameras in WWII - The age of the soldier photographer arrives with cameras in the middle of the battlefield.

Warsaw Pact webbing: A new series on accoutrements of the Cold War starts with Soviet Russia itself.

The Elizabeth Cross medal - The award for  long service.

Join the Navy! - Recruiting methods and life at sea for sailors in Nelson's Navy.

Legends of WWII: Panzer III - The workhorse of the early years of WWII.

Collecting the Battle of Jutland - What you can find on the collecting market today to commemorate the battle.

The E-Boat War Badge - Those pesky Schnellboots and the sailors who received this badge for sailing in them.

Multishot pistols - How to get flintlock pistols to fire more than one shot without reloading.

The Photo Inspector - More uniform examinations, this time for the Royal Fusiliers.

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