The Armourer - October 2023

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Collect Red Arrows flying gear with availability and recent prices listed. Plus, the Battle of the Alma in the Crimean War.

On Sale: 01/09/2023

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What's in this Issue?


What the Editor has to say this month, which is all about things in the news or current events that are grabbing headlines.

What’s happening in the world of militaria shows, museums and exhibitions. This month we’re looking at WWI displays at the Combined Military Services Museum, a new photo resource of Britain from the air in WWWII and the identification of a U-Boat off Shetland.


In the sale rooms
Here's a look at what's coming up for auction with Third Reich militaria at Ratisbon’s, some weird and wonderful items at Eastbourne Auctions and some interesting vintage propaganda posters at Antikbar.

The Tank Museum
With over 300 military vehicles and some new displays, the Tank Museum is the perfect destination for anyone interested in WWI and WWII, not just tanks. Duncan Evans heads to Dorset to explore.

Under the hammer
Let’s have a look at what’s gone under the hammer in auction rooms, with plenty of medals at Noonans, including a Victoria Cross, and medals, badges and all manner of militaria at C&T.


Red Arrows flying gear
Jarrod Cotter has the second part of his look at collecting the flying gear of the iconic Red Arrows. There are details on pieces of kit and how much they sold for.

Women’s Australian Air Force
These were the women who signed up to repair aeroplanes, decipher codes and transmit messages for the Australian Air Force, thus freeing up manpower for combat duty overseas.

Lake Nyassa clasp
It’s the fantastic story of Victorian British determination as two gunboats were hauled inland to take on a native African slave raider and trader. This is the clasp to the standard Africa medal that rewarded those efforts.

Kitbag through the ages
It’s the first part of Ed Hallett’s new series on the contents of a soldier’s kitbag, starting with that of a British soldier in the mud and trenches of WWI.

The Owen SMG
When a hobbyist gun designer came up with a cheap and reliable, home-grown sub-machinegun, the bigwigs in the Australian Army didn’t want to know and did everything they could to interfere.

The Stuart ‘Honey’ Light Tank
Willow Fitzgerald gets onboard the American tank sent to aid the British in North Africa that proved reliable and fast in the desert war.

Spanish Awards
From one dictator to another, how Hitler and Franco’s troops volunteered to fight for their ally, in Spain and on the Eastern Front, and were rewarded with specific campaign medals.

The First Anglo-Sikh War
Gabriele Esposito has the story of the clash between the British Empire forces in India and the autonomous Sikhs. Then there’s a look at the collecting opportunities.

The Photo Inspector
Test out your military knowledge by identifying where this photo was taken and what were the ships in the harbour.


Battle of the Alma
It was the first battle of the Crimean War where British and French troops gave the defending Russians a bloody nose but failed to press home their advantage, resulting in the conflict dragging on with more famous battles yet to come.

Collecting the Alma
Edward Hallett takes a look at some currently available collectables related to the first clash in the Crimea, including the hugely desirable medals.


Militaria reviews
Duncan Evans takes a look at some of the latest releases including Desert Cats, Napoleon’s Invasion of Egypt, To Besiege a City, US Destroyers vs German U-Boats and With My Shield, the story of a Ranger in Somalia.

Letters/Next month
Here is what you’ve been writing in about this month and it concerns WWI Australian webbing and more webbing in the shape of a WWI-era grenade vest.

Auction & Fair Diary
Check out the online arrangements for the auctions where you can top up your militaria collection and what fairs are open.

Thanks to our friends at Osprey Publishing, we have three sets of prizes to give away. You can win copies of With My Shield: An Army Ranger in Somalia, To Besiege a City: Leningrad and Victory to Defeat.

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