The Armourer - September 2023

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Discover the massive Soviet offensive in summer 1944, just two weeks after D-Day, that destroyed Army Group Centre in Eastern Europe.

On Sale: 01/08/2023

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What's in this Issue?


What the Editor has to say this month, which is all about things in the news or current events that are grabbing headlines.

What’s happening in the world of militaria shows, museums and exhibitions. This month we’re looking at the Armada Maps on display, how busy it was at TANKFEST and a ship getting an accolade.


In the sale rooms
Here's a look at what's coming up for auction with firearms and blades at Ashley Waller and firearms and interesting memorabilia at Wilson55.

Chalke Valley History Festival
Duncan Evans heads for deepest Wilshire for the history festival with a line-up of big name speakers but discovers that the rest of the show leaves something to be desired.

Under the hammer
Let’s have a look at what’s gone under the hammer in auction rooms, with a range of auctions at Hermann Historica, from bladed weapons and armour to firearms and NSDAP memorabilia; medals at Noonans; and antique arms at Olympia Auctions.


Red Arrows flying gear
Jarrod Cotter has the first in a two part series looking at the flying gear of the famous RAF acrobatic team, the Red Arrows. This first part looks at the history and the equipment itself.

Juno Beach landings
Alongside the British, the other Commonwealth country storming the D-Day beaches were the Canadians. Alex Bowers has their underreported contribution to that pivotal day in Western Europe.

German Motor Sports Badge
In order to promote German excellence at motor racing at home and internationally, Hitler came up with an award for winning races and setting speed records.

German ship badges
Last month Mark Wood looked at the badges of the Royal Navy, this time it’s the German ships of WWI and WWII, which are, needless to say, a lot harder to find.

SIG rifles and bayonets
Graham Priest has the story of the Swiss-made automatic rifle and the unique bayonet developed for it in the post-WWII weapons market.

The retreat to Corunna
In the Peninsular War there was a particular clasp award for the fighting outside Corunna. Peter Duckers has the details of the retreat and action.

Before they were famous
Here are four well known military leaders from WWII but what did they do in WWI, which finished just 21 years earlier? Graham Caldwell has the story of their accomplishments and activities in the Great War.

The Battle of iSandlwana
Before the heroics at Rorke’s Drift, there was the slaughter at iSandlwana. Neil Thornton has the story of the brave defence against overwhelming numbers of ferocious Zulu warriors.

The Photo Inspector
There’s a change to the format of this feature where you get to test your military history knowledge each month. Duncan Evans sets the question.


Operation Bagration
Two weeks after D-Day the Soviets launched the great offensive in the East that destroyed Army Group Centre and rampaged all the way to the Vistula, with Berlin in their sights. This is the story of that colossal operation.

Collecting Operation Bagration
Edward Hallett takes a look at some currently available collectables related to the monumental Soviet advance through Eastern Europe.


Militaria reviews
Duncan Evans takes a look at some of the latest releases including Allied Carrier Aircraft, History of the World in 500 Maps, Rose Castle and the Crown, and The Gathering Storm.

Letters/Next month
Here is what you’ve been writing in about this month and it concerns Trooping the Colour, that old machinegun at work in the Ukraine and a request for bigger maps.

Auction & Fair Diary
Check out the online arrangements for the auctions where you can top up your militaria collection and what fairs are open.

Thanks to our friends at Osprey Publishing, we have three sets of prizes to give away. You can win copies of the excellent Assault on the Gothic Line, Nambu Pistols and British Coastal Weapons vs German Coastal Weapons.

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