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This year marks the 80th anniversary of the end of The Blitz – one of the most infamous and widely remembered chapters of WW2.

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*NEW* The Blitz in Colour

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This 132 page special collectors' edition magazine – written by Andy Saunders, the former editor of Britain at War and also editor of The Battle of Britain in Colour – covers all the military and human aspects of the Blitz. It doesn’t just look at London, it looks at all the UK cities attacked. It looks at the aircraft used, the losses and the heroic stories. It uses hundreds of original images which have been colourised to bring them to life. 

Above Left In Essex, soldiers and an RAF airman are intrigued by the un barbette from a Messerschmitt 410 which was brought down during the 'Baby Blitz'.

Above Right The human cost. On the ground, some 1,500 civilians had been killed and around 3,000 injured during the 'Baby Blitz. This young boy has just been orphaned and sits dazed amid the ruins of his home.

Brought to you by the team behind "The Battle of Britain in Colour", "The Blitz in Colour" is the perfect accompaniment to this popular publication.  

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